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I've been reading about the decline in house sparrows though, and have been thinking of putting up a nestbox, apart from the water and food I anyway put out. It will be firmly outside though! Here is a bonus photo of the garden, looking much better after the transplants have taken hold:

 The wicker baskets have eggplant and onions (and a lot of grass I haven't weeded), while the big pots at the back all have various squashes and cucurbits. The leftmost and rightmost plants in the back row are lemon and pomegranate. In the foreground are all the ornamentals, and some hopeful basil sprouts. I'm hoping to come back to a jungle of vines and hopefully some incipient vegetables. 


May. 11th, 2017 10:06 pm
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A propos my last gardening entry:

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...except the sprouts, which are blighted by some kind of fungus.

  • an appreciable number of karela sprouts have emerged; i'm even more excited about this because I had karela for lunch yesterday, and remembered how much I like them. Also, they are just beautiful; delicate tendrils and shy yellow blossoms; even if they don't set fruit, the plant brings me enough joy
  • many, many tinda seedlings. hmm. I'm definitely not as excited about this, because the vegetable doesn't taste that great. Once or twice a year is fine for me. But who knows, it might wind up being a pretty plant also...
  • at least one each of the gol (round) and long lauki, which is impressive, given that there were only three seeds of each
  • the usual handful of kitchen spices—methi and coriander seeds, bits of ginger, garlic and turmeric, are all sprouting like mad.  
  • my partner had unearthed some long-forgotten tubers, which she calls kurka—we thought planting them might be worth a try and now at least two have pale green shoots and one has a little knot of five crinkled green leaves.
  • on the same principle, we planted 4-5 old pieces of ginger, which are also sprouting palely. Last year, the ginger never really took off. The turmeric plants put at the same time did very well and we got a couple of handfuls of tender turmeric root as a harvest, as well as leaves to cook fish in throughout the year, but the ginger always looked yellow and unhappy and just languished away... so I don't have high hopes from it.
Also, completely unexpectedly, we now have about 15-20 melon seedlings, and a whole pot full of tiny as-yet unidentified sprouts. Basically, we've been composting for a while, and it being summer, eating a LOT of melons, and I remember seeing a few seeds when we mixed the compost into the soil. I'd kept two pots filled with soil and compost aside, to transfer the hibiscus and harshingar into, but didn't have time to do anything about it all week. And now both are full of tiny melon seedlings! I just hope they make it through the summer...

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In life, I feel like I've been revving my wheels, thinking of things I want to do, but not actually doing anything. Maybe making a list will help...

In the garden, we moved the plants back out onto the terrace but I want to repot a lot of them.
  • the gongura and peas need a deep pot, maybe the big blue one. it had five toris but only one seems to be surviving 
  • the hibiscus and harshringar saplings have to be put in three separate large pots -- old tomato ones can be repurposed for this
  • three giant aloe veras are vying for domination in a single pot, maybe i should give them all away...
  • the basil is continuing to take over the roof. at this point i just want to kill it off and plant new ones, in small, carefiully confined containers.
  • it rained last night. but no earthworms. I guess we'll have to wait till the monsoon...
In non-garden, non-work related things, the blog idea needs actual doing.  I also have just discovered that the Ngaio Marsh books are available to buy here, even though they are in omnibus editions that you have to buy online. Now i'm dreaming of getting them all quietly over the course of the year...



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